Loan Collections


The mission of the Loan Collection Office, a subdivision of Finance and Budget, is to oversee the billing and collection in conjunction with our contracted loan servicer, Campus Partners.


The Loan Collection Office will provide services in an efficient and courteous manner to our individual borrowers.


We are committed to satisfy our borrower's needs.  We will respond to all requests with courteous and prompt service.  We will create an office atmosphere that is respectful, ethical, friendly, and most importantly, service oriented.


1. Build Student Loan records in a timely fashion.

2. Insure the accuracy and maintain the safe keeping of the original promissory notes.

3. Provide accurate and timely billing information.

4. Conduct exit interviews, process deferment and cancellation requests.

5. Maintain and balance individual loan accounts and activity accounts.

6. Prepare federal and state reports.

7. Working together to create a positive work environment.