Learning Communities at SDSU

Learning Communities—or LCs as we call them—were created to help incoming freshmen get started off on the right foot when they get to SDSU.

LCs are groups of 20-25 students with common academic majors and interests. During their first semester at SDSU, most freshmen take a set of courses together as part of an LC—either two or three classes, depending on their major. 

As you know, the main purpose of going to college is to learn. But we realize there’s a lot more to it than that. The social aspect of college is important, too. 

LCs are one great way to get both. You’ll enjoy a semi-structured and collaborative learning environment with faculty who care about your success. And at the same time, you’ll make immediate connections with other students—the people who could very well become your study buddies and lifelong friends. 

We know you’re already excited about going to college. But go ahead—get excited about going to class, too. Students who participate in LCs earn better grades, have a greater sense of community and enjoy a richer college experience overall.

And so will you.