aerial view of the Campanile and Administration buildings

Institutional Research

About this Office

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) provides data and analysis to administrative and academic departments in order to inform institutional decision-making and planning. This office routinely produces such items as the Redbook (credit hour generation reports), faculty workload analysis, retention and graduation rate analyses, and faculty salary reports. We gather and analyze data for numerous departments each year, including student data, budget numbers, and faculty information needed for Institutional Program Reviews and accreditation self-studies. It is also the responsibility of this office to complete all Federal IPEDS surveys, admissions surveys, faculty salary studies, and other miscellaneous surveys as they come in. Functionally, this office resides under the umbrella of Finance & Business which reports to the President.


The Office of Institutional Research strives to be a quality resource and knowledgeable provider of campus information. Our primary mission is to transform data into accurate, unbiased and useful information for decision-making that will be of benefit to the administration, faculty, staff and students at South Dakota State University as well as local, state, and Federal constituents.